Geopolitical Center, Think-Tank “GRUNT”

(Geopolitical Renaissance of Ukraine and New Trends)

The main areas of activity:

  • The analysis of the geopolitical situation and the events that happen in the world (and deliver research results to Ukrainian politicians, public figures and the public.
  • Promoting a positive image of Ukraine in the world.
  • Containment of Russian propaganda.
  • Creation of the socio-political English-language television.
  • Translation and publication of relevant world political literature in Ukrainian.
  • Creation of a geopolitical magazine (like «Foreign Policy», “Foreign Affairs”) and ongoing maintenance of the site in Ukrainian and English (and eventually French, German, Spanish) languages.
  • Support of Ukrainian diplomacy and all pro-Ukrainian initiatives in the world.
  • Organization of round tables, seminars, conferences in Ukraine and other countries.
  • Lobbying of Ukrainian business in the world.
  • Promotion of foreign investment in Ukraine (especially related to certain areas).
  • Monitoring and analysis of world press
  • Creation of Baltic-Black Sea Cooperation Platform as the foundation for the future of the Baltic-Black Sea Union
  • Carrying out cultural missions in the world.
  • Establishing economic, cultural and other ties with Ukrainian Diaspora. Helping Ukrainians from abroad with returning home. Attraction of investment
  • Creation of informal “Club of Friends of Ukraine” – a worldwide network of people who are sympathetic to Ukraine and are ready to support not only with words but with deeds, information, finances, culture, direct action, etc.
  • The ideological, political, diplomatic and any other activity aimed at the collapse of the Russia and destructive evil eurasianist, communism ideal
  • Political tourism in Ukraine. Thematic tours in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.
  • Creation of a Baltic-Black Sea Business Platform.
  • Development of new contacts with state and public figures, representatives of science, art and business elites of the Baltic and Black Sea countries
  • The organization of annual Baltic-Black Sea Forum in Kyiv
  • Political consulting both on geopolitical issues and on domestic policy